Why Outsource?

Top 10 Reasons to Outsource your Accounting Services:

1.  Cost savings.  The expense involved in outsourcing will pay for itself in programmatic returns.

2.  Access to a knowledgeable Certified Public Accountant, specializing in nonprofit accounting.

3.  Access to resources and technical information when new laws are passed.

4.  Creation of more efficient policies and procedures and stronger internal controls.

5.  Greater segregation of duties – limiting fraud and errors in financial reporting.

6.  Ability to use your full-time staff to focus on your mission, rather than your finances.

7.  Ability for all nonprofits to have a ‘Director of Finance,’ without breaking their budget.

8.  Board of Director comfort, knowing that a trusted CPA Advisor is involved in financial oversight.

9.  Creation of more reliable and accurate financial reports – leading to better program decision making.

10. Peace of mind knowing that your finances are accurate and compliant with all laws and regulations.

Accounting Chaos provides nonprofit outsourcing services of a quality unmatched by our competition. In addition, we are able to provide these services at prices less than our competitors because our founding principle is that all nonprofits deserve access to quality accounting services at prices they can afford.

We invite you to contact us to see how we can assist your nonprofit organization.

For additional information on outsourcing a nonprofit’s accounting function, we invite you to read this Meyer Foundation Study.

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